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Online FSSAI registration is a complex but essential part of owning a food business. Zolvit helps you through the process easily and in just a few clicks!

Here’s How It Works

FSSAI registration online, or renewal, just name it and Zolvit will get it done in 4 steps


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Here’s What You’ll Need

Now get an FSSAI licence by submitting the following documents. Zolvit uses the best-in-industry security protocols to ensure your documents are always secure.

  • A disclosure statement confirming the accuracy of all characteristics

  • A letter of consent to use a FSSAI central licence application

  • Business papers regarding all the business facilities

  • A sample of the rental agreement

  • A self-declared duplicate of the food safety management system plan

  • A Copy of the water and electricity bill.

    Why Should I Use Zolvit for FSSAI Registration Online?

    • We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

      New Company

      We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

    • Businesses Served by Zolvit


      Businesses Served by Zolvit

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      All Financial Services in One Place

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      Nominal rates, great turnaround time

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      100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Now get an FSSAI license from the comfort of your home/office! Thanks to Zolvit the process is completely online and safe

    Did you know

    Did you know?

    In accordance with the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, which became operative in 2006, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was founded by former union minister Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss on 5 August 2008.


      What Is the Number on the FSSAI Licence?


      What happens when a FSSAI Licence needs to be renewed?


      What are the penalties involved if the FSSAI is not renewed?


      How long is the food licence valid?


      Is GST necessary for the FSSAI?


      Who is not required to get an FSSAI licence?


      Overview - FSSAI License in Bangalore

      Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an independent organisation created under the provisions of the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 by the Indian government's Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. It is mandatory for every food business operator (FBO) in India to have a food licence, which is issued by the FSSAI. It guarantees that owners of food enterprises operate them under the proper licences. Additionally, it is alone in charge of establishing the rules, guidelines, and safeguards for the welfare of the food industry in India.

      Additionally, they make sure that no dangerous or hazardous mixes are present in the food goods that are on the market. The food prepared must be apt for consumption and has to adhere with all the standards of quality. In Karnataka, you must have an FSSAI licence in order to open a food business. All the food producers and restaurants should definitely have FSSAI licence number. This is a 14 digit number that has to be published on the food packages.

        Benefits of a Karnataka FSSAI License

          Customer Confidence


          Benefits of Government Loans and Funding




          Brand Worth


          Business Expansion


          Checklist for Obtaining FSSAI License in Karnataka

          • Every establishment that conducts food-related business must have an FSSAI licence
          • The type of business, the volume of production, the location of the operation, and the scale of operations are the basis for the eligibility requirements for obtaining a new FSSAI licence
          • To ensure that food is completely safe for human consumption, the FSSAI has established standards for a variety of food items and regulates every stage of food production, from production to sale
          • Nearly every food item intended for human consumption bears the 14-digit FSSAI licence number. Those organisations who choose to exclude food products that have an FSSAI licence from their current product lineup risk severe penalties, including jail.

          How to Register for FSSAI License in Karnataka

          The business volume and location mostly determine whether you need an FSSAI registration or licence. A facility's eligibility for a licence, such as a central licence, a state licence, a registration licence, etc., depends on its capacity or turnover. The steps to register with FSSAI are as follows:

          • Step 1: Reach out to our experts

            Getting in touch with our experts from Zolvit is the first step. we will provide you complete information regarding the process and start. Subsequently you will have to provide all the required documents to kick start the process.

          • Step 2: Filing Form A

            After proof reading the documents our experts will start filing form A (an application) to the department of food and safety.

          • Step 3: Await application approval

            The department has seven days from the date of the application to accept or reject the application. But with Zolvit on your side you need not worry about rejection.

          • Step 4: Procure FSSAI licence

            If the application is approved, the department will issue a registration certificate, together with the applicant's photo and registration number. Now you can start using the licence number without any delay.

          FSSAI Registration Types

          FSSAI licences come in three different categories: basic, central, and state. The Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 makes it mandatory for every food business to hold an FSSAI License. Zolvit offers three straightforward options to register for an FSSAI License:

          The three types of food permits that the FSSAI issues are: Central License, State License, Basic Registration. The three permits, however, vary according to how far the food industry has come in terms of taking off. The information about the three food licences is detailed below. The type of food licence you want is categorised as a basic licence if your annual revenue is less than ₹12 lakh. If the revenue is between ₹12 lakh and ₹20 crores, a state licence is required. If the turnover surpasses ₹20 crores, a central licence is required.

          FSSAI Licence Online Renewal Process in Karnataka

          An application for an FSSAI New licence must be sent in a certain format to the applicable central licensing authority or the state FSSAI Licensing authority, depending on the criteria for food production.

          A self-attested document in the recommended format stating that the applicant agrees with or will abide by the Food Safety and Standards Act, regulations, or by-Laws must be included with the application.

          It must adhere to the cleanliness and sanitary practices standards established in the FSSAI schedules of the registration and licensing regulations in addition to submitting the necessary papers and paying the licence fee.

          Consequences if FSSAI Licence is Not Being Renewed

          To avoid any fines, keep your FSSAI licence current at all times. Additionally, renew it prior to the expiration of your FSSAI licence.When you get the required information, it is always recommended to register for FSSAI registration renewal right away.

          To avoid being charged with a delayed food licence renewal, have your FSSAI licence revised 30 days before it expires. If you leave to renew the licence, you will be penalised with ₹100 per day.

          However, keep in mind that the FSSAI License will continue to be valid as long as the appellant receives approval for the sequences on the renewal application. It cannot go beyond 30 days from the date that the licence or registration expires.

          Absence of the FSSAI Logo

          Holders of non-FSSAI licenses are not permitted to use the FSSAI insignia under any circumstances. Given the level of competition in the market, some food establishments may not want to display the FSSAI symbol, but as consumers become more health conscious, these small validations can prove to be highly beneficial.

          Difficulty Getting Loans From Financial Institutions

          Most financiers, lenders, or banks are reluctant to extend loans to a restaurant that lacks the necessary registrations and permits. Any company looking to gain an advantage over rivals must follow the law and should choose to register voluntarily. One of the severe consequences under food safety standards is this.

          Risk of Deteriorating Market Credibility

          Since the FSSAI licence is closely related to your reputation and the legitimacy of your company, failing to renew it could end up costing you a lot of money. By not renewing the licence, you may be able to save a little additional money each year, but in the long run, your firm may suffer greatly.

          Declining Clientele

          For any type of company entity, including owners of food businesses, maintaining an existing customer base is a difficult undertaking. Companies who do not care about obtaining or renewing their FSSAI licence risk losing their current clientele, which will ultimately impede their growth strategy and revenue in the long term.

          No Access to Government-Sponsored or Food-Tendering Programmes

          Lack of an FSSAI licence could have a significant influence on your company's expansion and ability to compete for government contracts. You can anticipate that your company will expand significantly more quickly and gain more advantages over time if you have an FSSAI licence. One of the constant consequences under the food safety norms is this.

          Absence of Quality Assessments Exposure

          Most notably, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) continuously improves the way in which food safety regulations are followed. The state government official examines the efficacy of the current standards and practises for the production/storage of dairy products, food grains, meat, and other consumables. In spite of achieving eligibility requirements, if you choose to maintain your FSSAI licence, you are probably undermining efforts to raise quality standards and procedures.