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Company Incorporation in the USA


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Ready to launch your US company? The experts at Zolvit make it more simple and efficient to incorporate a company in the USA than it has ever been!

Here’s How It Works

Searching for an easy incorporation service for your USA company? Do it easily with Zolvit. We promise an easy & fast process!


Excellent service and support. Vakil Search Team is very supportive and professional. I Really appreciate the service and support from the team.

Rachna Pathania

Founder & CEO of SchnellTek Software Pvt. Ltd.


Zolvit has been our legal service provider for quite a long time! Our experience with them has been great, especially the speed and proficiency with which they deliver their services. We recommend them!

Satya Vasireddy & Sravani Vasireddy

Founders of Lovely Chocos


Zolvit is exactly what it does. Legal is simple. We went to Zolvit to register our Trademark during the lockdown and everything was done online with ease. We never even had to step out of the house. It was truly a digital experience.

Adarsh Agarwal

CEO & Developer of

Here’s What You’ll Need

Once you have the below documents ready, Connect with Zolvit. Zolvit uses the best-in-industry security protocols to ensure your documents are always secure.

  • Passport.

  • Election card or voter identity card.

  • Ration card.

  • Driving license.

  • Electricity bill.

  • Telephone bill.

  • Aadhaar card.

    Why Should I Use Zolvit for Company Incorporation in the USA?

    • We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

      New Company

      We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

    • Businesses Served by Zolvit


      Businesses Served by Zolvit

    • All Financial Services in One Place

      Financial Services

      All Financial Services in One Place

    • Nominal rates, great turnaround time

      Quick & Affordable

      Nominal rates, great turnaround time

    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


      100% satisfaction guaranteed

    In search of USA company incorporation? Sit back & relax! Let Zolvit handle the complex paperwork for you.

    Did you know

    Did you know?

    If someone treats your company unfairly, you can rely on American legal protections with confidence.

      If you are a nonresident, you will be unable to open a business bank account in the United States unless you have an American company.


      Can my company's headquarters be located outside of Delaware?


      Is a Corporate Seal required?


      What kind of legal entity is it?


      What is the main difference between an LLC and an S corporation?


      How many kinds of incorporation are available?


      An Overview of Company Incorporation In the USA!

      There is a great opportunity for Indian companies that want to grow or have a non-resident Indian customer demand to reap the benefits of U.S. corporate registration, which is one of the most common ways to start a business.

      Setting up a US company for your business is now easier than ever because the United States of America, which has a multicultural population, has a large number of English-speaking citizens and is generally open to foreign businesses due to its diversity. Dominant as the world's top superpower, with an economy fourteen times larger than India's, it offers one of the most conducive environments for Indian businesses to thrive.

        Benefits of Company Incorporation In USA

        Checkout the benefits of Company Incorporation In USA:

          Tax benefits


          Personal property protection


          Accounting accuracy


          Enhanced credibility


          Shared liability


          Easily transferable ownership


          Lending advantage


          Checklist for Company Incorporation In USA:

          • Create a Website as well as a Company Logo
          • Set up a physical or virtual office in the United States.
          • Create a US Bank Account
          • Establish a Bank Account in Your Home Country
          • Obtain a US Phone Number
          • Open a Merchant Account in the United States (to Accept Credit Cards)

          How Zolvit Helps You In Company Incorporation-USA?

          With our user-friendly platform, you can easily upload all of the required documents and pay the trademark fees for individual registration through our secure gateways. At Zolvit, we take care of the entire trademark registration process for individuals. Below mentioned are the steps followed.

          • Step 1: Preparation

            Zolvit will communicate with you on the effective type of company with three possible names that match your company operations and necessitates.

          • Step 2: Filing

            Completing all required documents directly relating to the Manager, Member(s), and share ratio.

          • Step 3: Compensation

            Zolvit provides a number of payment options that are convenient for the client.

            • Debit/credit card (Amex, Mastercard, Visa)
            • Wire transfer
            • PayPal
          • Step 4: Delivery

            After the application process is completed and successful, Zolvit experts will send you the notification of the result via email. Furthermore, the physical copy of the company kit will also be sent to your provided address via postal mail (DHL/ TNT/ FedEx).

          Zolvit US Incorporation Package Includes

          • Name Check & Approval
          • Preparation & Filing of Article of Association
          • Registered agent service (One year)
          • Issuance of Certificate of Association
          • Federal employer Identification Number (EIN)