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FSSAI Registration in Chhattisgarh


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Complete FSSAI registration in Chhattisgarh and get FSSAI license through Zolvit. Easy and fast process, save time and money!

Here’s How It Works


Excellent service and support. Vakil Search Team is very supportive and professional. I Really appreciate the service and support from the team.

Rachna Pathania

Founder & CEO of SchnellTek Software Pvt. Ltd.


Vakilsearch has been our legal service provider for quite a long time! Our experience with them has been great, especially the speed and proficiency with which they deliver their services. We recommend them!

Satya Vasireddy & Sravani Vasireddy

Founders of Lovely Chocos


Vakilsearch is exactly what it does. Legal is simple. We went to Vakilsearch to register our Trademark during the lockdown and everything was done online with ease. We never even had to step out of the house. It was truly a digital experience.

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Here’s What You’ll Need

FSSAI registration in Chhattisgarh With Zolvit is time saving. To guarantee that your documents are always secure, Zolvit implements the best security protocols available in the market.

  • A scanned copy of the owner's or the company entity's authorised officers

  • passport-size photos of the owner

  • A scanned copy of the business entity's authorised officer

  • A proprietors Documents like Aadhaar

  • Scanned copies of the rent agreement

  • Electricity invoices that serve as the food business's registered addresses

  • A duplicate of the NOC signed by the building's owner (if rented)

  • A declaration that has been properly self-attested, signed by the owner

    Why Should I Use Zolvit for FSSAI Registration in Chhattisgarh?

    • We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

      New Company

      We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

    • Businesses Served by Zolvit


      Businesses Served by Zolvit

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      All Financial Services in One Place

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      100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Get your food business on roll with Zolvit! Get easy online FSSAI registration and license in Chhattisgarh Through a 5 step process!

    Did you know

    Did you know?


      What do the FSSAI's license and registration processes entail?


      Who is qualified to register with the FSSAI?


      Does the FSSAI require registration?


      Is GST necessary for the FSSAI?


      Does a small business need an FSSAI license?


      Who is not required to acquire an FSSAI license or registration?


      Why should you obtain an FSSAI license?



      In Chhattisgarh, a food license is required to launch a food business. Manufacturers, sellers, and distributors of food are required to get a 14-digit food license from the FSSAI. The government has implemented the food licensing and enrollment system to ensure that the food products have undergone specific quality inspections and are safe for consumption. As a result, food entrepreneurs become more effective at producing high-quality food. Any person who wants to run a food business must register. This includes not only those who prepare food but also those who handle it at various points before it finally reaches the customer, including raw materials, manufacturing, processing, mess, canteen packing, distribution, and the organisations with the legal right to sell it.

        Benefits of Chhattisgarh FSSAI Registration

        Registration with FSSAI provides the following advantages:

          Increases customer trust:


          Ensures consistency:


          Mandatory for launching online food business:


          Improves customer service :



          • A person who independently prepares and sells food items; hawkers who offer and sell food items; pretty retailers who sell food through stores like savoury nibbles, sweets, bakery goods, etc.
          • Those people or companies, excluding caterers, that prepare and deliver food during religious or social events
          • Dairy units such as milk vendors, petty milkmen, and milk chilling units serve as food businesses
          • Food establishments that also process vegetable oil
          • Slaughterhouses or meat processing plants are food businesses that also serve as cold/refrigerated storage facilities
          • Food delivery services use specialised trucks like insulated, refrigerated
          • Milk tankers, vans/wagons, etc.
          • Food product wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, and marketers
          • As lodging establishments, eateries, and bars
          • Enterprises that serve midday meals in canteens and cafeterias.
          • Catering services and food vending agencies
          • Food importers and exporters, as well as online food vendors

          Chhattisgarh FSSAI Registration Online

          • Step 1: Speak with Experts

            To get started, just get in touch with our experts at Zolvit. Through our website, you can get in touch with us. You will be contacted by an expert as soon as you have submitted the necessary information. Asking them will help you get the answers you need concerning the registration procedure.

          • Step 2: Submit the required documents and data

            A couple of the required documents must be provided in order to complete your FSSAI online registration. Our experts will present their viewpoints on the matter.

          • Step 3: Verifying the documents

            After receiving all required submissions, our experts will review the paperwork. They will make sure that everyone follows the procedure and that the documentation is up to date.

          • Step 4: Zolvit experts submit an application for an FSSAI license.

            Our experts will review each document before submitting your application to the FSSAI.

          • Step 5: Obtain an FSSAI license

            Our team will keep you completely updated every step of the journey. After obtaining the FSSAI license and registration certificate, you can start your food business.

          Fundamental FSSAI Registration

          The Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) is the top agency in charge of policing and ensuring the safety of food. As a result, it is necessary by law to complete the FSSAI Basic Registration. In this section, we discuss fundamental registration. Small businesses or startups with annual revenues of less than ₹12 lakhs may apply for a basic FSSAI Food standards registration. As operations grow and revenue reaches the ₹12 lakh threshold, the basic register will need to be updated to a state license. Since it is a very basic registration, as the name implies, a huge corporate firm won't be able to use it.

          Our skilled personnel, who have specialised knowledge in food safety, will make the registration process flexible for you. One may rely on FSSAI Food safety Registration for a professional approach from our personnel that makes everything simple.

            Penalties for Violations

            It is illegal to conduct business without an FSSAI license. If an individual or food operator is running a business without a license when they are required to obtain one in order to manufacture, sell, store, distribute, or import any goods for food, they may be subject to a six-month jail sentence as well as a fine of ₹5 lakh.

              Sanctions for Deceptive Marketing

              A fine of up to ₹10 lakh may be imposed on anybody who contributes to the publishing of an advertisement that fraudulently characterises food, is liable to deceive regarding the nature, content, or purity of any meals, or makes a false guarantee.