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Now complete registration of a sole proprietorship company online in just a few clicks


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Use Zolvit and complete your sole proprietorship registration in record time! Completely online process; easy, transparent, and affordable!

Here’s How It Works


Excellent service and support. Vakil Search Team is very supportive and professional. I Really appreciate the service and support from the team.

Rachna Pathania

Founder & CEO of SchnellTek Software Pvt. Ltd.


Zolvit has been our legal service provider for quite a long time! Our experience with them has been great, especially the speed and proficiency with which they deliver their services. We recommend them!

Satya Vasireddy & Sravani Vasireddy

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Zolvit is exactly what it does. Legal is simple. We went to Zolvit to register our Trademark during the lockdown and everything was done online with ease. We never even had to step out of the house. It was truly a digital experience.

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CEO & Developer of

Here’s What You’ll Need

Sole proprietorship registration online in India is now a super fast process. Thanks to Zolvit! To guarantee that your papers are always secure, Zolvit implements the best security protocols available in the market.

  • PAN cards

  • KYC paperwork

  • A rental agreement or selling deed

  • Evidence of address and identification

  • Proof of your company's existence

  • Registering under the Shops & Establishments Act

  • Address and ID verification

    Why Should I Use Zolvit for Sole Proprietorship Registration Online in India?

    • We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

      New Company

      We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

    • Businesses Served by Zolvit


      Businesses Served by Zolvit

    • All Financial Services in One Place

      Financial Services

      All Financial Services in One Place

    • Nominal rates, great turnaround time

      Quick & Affordable

      Nominal rates, great turnaround time

    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


      100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Zolvit's sole proprietorship registration is just the best in town! Now register your sole proprietorship easily in just 5 steps!

    Did you know

    Did you know?

    Did you know that businesses like Coca-Cola, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Amazon, Google, Mattel, and Walt Disney, among others, all began as sole proprietorships in India as well as Flipkart and Snapdeal. If you are looking forward to creating a brand then it's high time to complete sole proprietorship registration online now!


      Is registering for a sole proprietorship necessary?


      What is the price in India to register a sole proprietorship?


      Which documents are necessary for proprietorship registration?


      Should they obtain a GST number?


      When should a single proprietorship be established?


      Is it preferable to launch a company as a single proprietorship?


      Overview of Sole Proprietorship Registration on-line

      A sole proprietorship company is owned and run by just one person. This form of business is one of the most popular ones to start in the unsystematic sector, especially among merchants and small dealers, because it can be established in just fifteen days. A sole proprietorship firm does not need to register because it is recognised by other registrations, such as GST and much more. However, it does not have perpetual existence and its obligation is unbounded.

      Since the owner and the company are the same, a proprietorship cannot have other partners or shareholders. Furthermore, the proprietor's minimal liability from the business operations carried out under the sole proprietorship is unprotected. Therefore, small firms with no more than 5 employees are best served by this type of corporate entity.

      The proprietorship business has a single owner, who is the sole proprietor. Therefore, a business will be started by opening a new bank account for it, and GST registration will be completed by using the proprietor's PAN and Aadhar. The business's assets and liabilities are entirely the owner's responsibility.

        Advantages of Sole Proprietorship Registration

          Reduced Compliance


          Simple to begin


          Saves money


          Company Name


          Complete Authority


          Easy to Close


          Checklist for Sole Proprietorship Registration

          • A certificate regarding the permission is usually issued by the local authorities adhering to the Shop and Establishment Act
          • The certificate of practice and other licence is provided by the institute of chartered accountants of India
          • The registration document is usually issued by the central government or state government
          • Banks may also accept the IEC (Importer Exporter Code) given to the private business by the DGFT office as identity when opening bank accounts, etc.
          • Complete income tax return (not just the acceptance) filed in the owner's name, showing all revenue earned by the business, officially certified and accepted by the income tax authorities,
          • Utility bills in the name of the proprietary enterprise, issue of GST registration/certificate, including energy, water, and landline phone bills.

          The Sole Proprietorship Registration Process

          Zolvit uses an easy sole proprietorship registration process that can be completed in just 5 steps.

          • Step 1: Applying for a PAN card

            Applying for a PAN card is the first step in forming a single proprietorship business. Experts absolved can help you with the paperwork. and apply for a pan card on your behalf.

          • Step 2: Choose an appropriate name for your company

            The next step is to maintain a name for the sole proprietorship business after getting a PAN card, or if the proprietor already has one.

          • Step 3: Choose the perfect service

            Experts involved will help you to pick a proper Government registration unit to complete the process.

          • Step 4: Connect with the vendor

            Subsequently, our team will connect you with an established vendor to book your application and update the status

          • Step 5: Receive the receipt for registration

            Throughout the procedure, our team will keep you updated in most cases the procedure will be completed within 15 business days.

            According to the state's Shops and Establishment Act, the owner must get the registration certificate for the business. If a sole proprietorship's annual revenue reaches ₹20 lakh, it must additionally register for GST. It is desirable for the sole proprietorship to register as a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) under the MSME Act, even if it is not needed.

          The Drawbacks of Being a Sole Proprietorship

          • Perpetual liability: The solitary proprietor is held completely liable. They bear full responsibility for whatever asic-FSSAI-registrationcommercial dealings he does. He will be responsible for paying for any losses out of his assets in full.
          • No succession: There is no everlasting succession, therefore if something happens to the individual running the firm alone, it might terminate. It can end abruptly. Due to this, the company becomes untrustworthy and finds it challenging to win the public's trust when engaging in agreements or contracts to grow the firm.
          • A challenge to raise money: It is difficult to raise financing since the company is run by a single individual. The lone proprietor's investments provide the firm with its funding. There is no distinct legal position for the single proprietorship business from the owner. It is challenging to raise money from outside sources since it can stop at any point and is not a distinct entity.