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Whether you're looking to grow your own food, sell, or produce, Starting an agricultural business is a viable option. Get in touch with Zolvit today!

Here’s How It Works

To start an agricultural business, you do not need to be a farmer or grow crops. Throughout the process, Zolvit will assist you.


Excellent service and support. Vakil Search Team is very supportive and professional. I Really appreciate the service and support from the team.

Rachna Pathania

Founder & CEO of SchnellTek Software Pvt. Ltd.


Vakilsearch has been our legal service provider for quite a long time! Our experience with them has been great, especially the speed and proficiency with which they deliver their services. We recommend them!

Satya Vasireddy & Sravani Vasireddy

Founders of Lovely Chocos


Vakilsearch is exactly what it does. Legal is simple. We went to Vakilsearch to register our Trademark during the lockdown and everything was done online with ease. We never even had to step out of the house. It was truly a digital experience.

Adarsh Agarwal

CEO & Developer of

Here’s What You’ll Need

Do you have no idea where to begin? The following documents will help you get started. You can take your business to the next level with just a few documents. Hurry up!

  • Aadhar number

  • PAN card

  • Address proof

  • Producer Proof

    Why Should I Use Zolvit for Agricultural Business?

    • We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

      New Company

      We Register a New Company Every 9 Minutes

    • Businesses Served by Zolvit


      Businesses Served by Zolvit

    • All Financial Services in One Place

      Financial Services

      All Financial Services in One Place

    • Quick & Affordable

    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


      100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Starting an agricultural business is not easy, but it can be profitable if you have the right skills. Get in touch with Zolvit Today!

    Did you know

    Did you know?

    As of the first three months of the current fiscal year, India's exports of agricultural and processed foods increased by 14%.

      Approximately 3.5 lakh farmers will benefit from equity grants of over ₹37 crores distributed to 1,018 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).


      What are Agribusinesses ?


      What are the components of Agribusiness?


      What are the main categories of agriculture business for investment?


      Are agriculture startups profitable?


      What are the entities that can avail agriculture loans?


      What is the interest rate offered by banks for Agriculture Loan?


      Overview to Start an Agricultural Business

      In India, most of the employment is provided by the agriculture sector, which helps to increase the country's GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Through the use of proper techniques and strategies, agriculture businesses can improve their domestic market and export products, as well as enhance their domestic market. A variety of business concepts are needed in agriculture. Technology has changed its reliance on weather, which used to be largely dependent on it. Agribusiness also includes forestry, animal husbandry, and fishing.

        Benefits to Start an Agricultural Business

          Unemployment Is Solved:


          Leads to Bumper Harvests:


          Encourages Different Farming Approaches:


          Eliminates Middlemen by Using Technology (Digital Farming):


          Many Non-governmental Organisations (Ngos) Support:


          Checklist to Start an Agricultural Business

          • One Person Company
          • Public Limited Company
          • Limited Liability Partnership
          • Private Limited Liability
          • Sole Proprietorship Firm
          • Partnership Firm

          Process of Registering an Agriculture Business in India

          While registering your business in India, there are a few factors to consider, especially since so many businesses are doing so. The following are a few basic steps for registering a business in India.

          Below is a list of the documents you will need to start a business in India.

          • Step 1: Choose

            Select your company name

          • Step 2: Select

            Apply for DIN and DSC

          • Step 3: Apply

            Apply for incorporation

          • Step 4: Fill

            Filing and forms of documents

          Registration for Start-Up in India

          Start-ups will probably need a few additional licenses and registrations. How do they work? As a start-up, registering a company in India requires a variety of licenses and registrations.

          • MSME Registration
          • GST Registration
          • Udhyog Aadhar registration
          • Shop and Establishment License for start-up
          • Import and export registration.

          Agricultural Business Registration With Zolvit

          Zolvit is your go-to agriculture business registration company for these reasons:

          • You'll find our process simple, hassle-free, and even digital
          • Experts will handle filings
          • A support team is available to you throughout the process
          • You will receive a prompt response to any questions you have.